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Understanding the Science Behind Equine Laser Therapy

Injuries affecting horses are difficult and expensive to treat, creating extra burden and stress on owners and veterinarians alike. However, recent studies have revealed equine laser therapy can speed recovery times and decrease pain/inflammatory conditions while decreasing scar tissue formation. Laser devices use red and near infrared light wavelengths which penetrate deep tissues such as skin, soft tissues and bone and naturally increase energy production from cells; also aiding circulation and lymphatic drainage while helping accelerate resolution of painful inflammation faster.

How Class 4 Laser Works in Equine Therapy

Current scientific and clinical research supports Class 4 laser therapy as the ideal equine therapy solution. These lasers offer optimal therapy applications.

Class 4 lasers are high-powered lasers used in equine therapy to treat various conditions. They work by sending large amounts of energy directly into the treatment area, stimulating cellular activity and speeding healing time.

The class iv laser emits a concentrated beam that penetrates tissue in the treatment area and stimulates cells within it to produce more ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the source of all cell energy processes. This increase in production accelerates natural healing while simultaneously decreasing inflammation and pain levels.

Laser Equine Conditions Treated



Tying Up

SI Pain

Stifle Injury

Kissing Spine

Nerve Impingement

Capped Elbow

Suspensory Tears

Superficial Flexor Tendon

Navicular Disease

Tendon and Ligament Tears

Neurologic Injuries



Degenerative Joint Disease


“As a veterinarian, I have witnessed first-hand the positive impacts of class iv laser therapy for horses. After receiving treatments, they often experience decreased pain and inflammation as well as improved tissue healing and increased mobility. Class iv laser therapy offers many advantages to horses, particularly due to its noninvasive nature and safety as a treatment option for soft tissue injuries, arthritis, skin conditions and back pain. It’s the ideal treatment solution to meet those demands without incurring surgery costs or taking medication themselves. This makes class iv laser therapy an attractive solution, says Ross White, a top-notch veterinarian of Pet Clinic in America.”

“As the owner of horse myself, I have seen the amazing benefits that class iv laser therapy can have on our furry companion. With just two to three laser sessions per week for around one and a half months, the knees of my horse had returned to nearly normal; there had been significant reduction in swelling and inflammation. Class iv laser therapy showed remarkable improvements as I witnessed how fast healing happened and its potential. My horse can now walk freely after just over a month and a half treatment. I really enjoy the non-invasive and drug-free natures of class iv laser; its effectiveness and safety for acute and chronic issues have become widely adopted solutions in treating human and animal musculoskeletal ailments alike, says Monica Jones, owner of a horse factory.”


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