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smart ice class 4 laser therapy machine

Why Choose Smart class 4 laser therapy machine?

The Smart class 4 therapy lasers revolutionize high-power laser affordablity, breaking the previous $30.000 to $50.000 price barier.
Designed for busiest practices who desire the fastest, most effective treatment solution, the 60W SMART ICE four wavelength brings science and technology together to treat deeper structures more efficiently, making it easier to impact pain.
The additional power, coupled with our optimal wavelength and treatment beam size, results in deeper penetration, significantly faster treatment times, and delivery of the proper therapeutic dosage. These features provide healthcare professionals with an enhanced and superior ability to treat difficult conditions and ultimately provide better clinical outcomes to all patients.


4 Wavelengths / 4 Treatment Modes / 45W


810nm+980nm / 2 Treatment Modes / 30W


2 Wavelengths / 4 Treatment Modes / 30W


2 Wavelengths / 4 Treatment Modes/ 60W

Ideal for: Sports rehabilitation center, doctors with professional physiotherapy experience,professional diagnosis and treatment institution


980nm / 2 Treatment Modes / 20W


980nm / 2 Treatment Modes / 30W

Ideal for: Small clinics, physiotherapy institutions, elderly rehabilitation center,smaller practices looking to add laser treatment on a modest budget

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Feature and Function Comparison

Energy upgrade 30W-60W
Class IV high power laser therapy machine
Class IV high power laser therapy machine
Preset protocol upgrade 14 preset protocols 10 preset protocols
Mode upgrade Four treatment modes
CW mode, Pulse mode, Single mode, B mode
Two treatment modes
CW Mode,Pulse Mode
Screen upgrade 12.1 Oversized Android display screen Android display screen
Cooling upgrade Four fans air cooling
The air cooling function is doubled, slow temperature rise, can be used for a long time
Dual fan air cooling
Conventional air cooling
Customer management function Intelligent patient management system
Can store tens of thousands of patient information and treatment records, greatly improve the doctor’s work efficiency
Video-playing function Video-playing function
Customers can upload a video to promote their clinics or brands
Optional thermal imaging Optional thermal imaging function
Quickly and accurately detect injured or inflamed body area

Special configuration of the product

10mm standard handle

Can be used directly, or can be connected to the lens components.

class 4 laser therapy machine's handle1
10mm spherical lens cone

The spherical lens make the light uniform, suitable for large treatment areas.

class 4 laser therapy machine's handle2
20mm light spots lens cone

Large spot size, suitable for fixed-point treatment of trauma, wound and bleeding sites.

class 4 laser therapy machine's handle3
9mm lens components

Precise treatment, suitable for small areas such as hands and feet.

Various auxiliary treatment instruments can be selected


Electromagnetic Shock Wave Therapeutic Apparatus

Ideal for: Shockwave therapy has superior clinical outcomes, lifetime expectation,10 million shoots, higher cost performance,making it the perfect complementary treatment for laser therapy. Both of these non-invasive physical therapies have no side effects and are the optimal combination choice for clinic doctors and veterinarians.


LLLT device/650nm+808nm/CW+Pulse modes/1060mW peak power output/affordable price

PowerCure PRO

20% faster treatment times/1300mW high power output/90% efficiency rate/ faster pain relief

Ideal for: Portable home physiotherapy instrument, cold laser therapy, high-energy laser therapy instrument, allows you to relieve pain at home anytime, anywhere, which is very helpful for patients with chronic pain diseases.


Magneto Therapy in Physiotherapy/ Diode Laser Power Max 5600MW/ Magneto Therapy Plus Laser Therapy/ 808nm+650nm/ Reduce Pain Device


Equine PEMF Therapy/ PMST Device for Horse Dog/ Vet Therapy Device/ 940nm+660nm+620nm/ Magnetotherapy Device for Vet Pain Relief

Ideal for: Degenerative joint diseases, pain treatment, sports injuries, chronic inflammation of tendons and joints. Magnetotherapy is used in various medical settings, including hospitals, salons, spas, wellness centers, physiotherapy clinics and rehabilitation centers.

Medical lasers

Professional CLASS 4 high-power laser therapy machine

Home use

Portable handheld cold laser therapy device

Veterinary use

Laser therapy machine, shockwave physical therapy, widely used in animals


Laser makes difference

Innovative and professional physiotherapy method that changes your lifestyle

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