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  • Renda City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan Veterinary SMART S30B
  • Budapest, Hungary SMART ICE S45D + S60D+ SHOCKWAVE
  • Tepepan, Mexico SMART S30A
  • Ourense, Spain SMART S30B+ SHOCKWAVE
  • Washington, USA SMART ICE S45D
  • Colorado, USA SMART ICE S45D
  • Texas, USA SMART ICE S30C
  • Oklahoma, USA SMART S30B+ SHOCKWAVE+ PowerCure Pulse
  • Michigan, USA SMART ICE-S30C+ SMART ICE-S60D
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*Starting in June 2024, we are opening real customer clinics to experience our laser therapy machines. We also hope to welcome more clinic clients to join us.

Industry Authority

Chiropractic Economics Trusted Brand

Rhein Laser offers one-stop solution for doctors of chiropractic, which includes Laser Therapy System, Shock Wave System and Magnetotherapy System. Highly recommended by the international magazine Chiropractic Economics, these products deliver great results for both the patients and bottom line revenue.

Chiropractic Economics Trusted Brand

Long-Term Advertising in ACA for Brand Management

Long-Term Advertising in ACA for Brand Management We prioritize brand impact with extensive advertising. Our product is highly effective, dedicated to helping more pain sufferers lead a healthier and more meaningful life. Celebrated for the outstanding quality and effectiveness, our products are trusted by chiropractic professionals nationwide to provide superior patient care.


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