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PMST NEO+:Physio Magneto Super Transduction Plus Laser Therapy

  • Physio magneto Plus 808nm/650nm cold laser therapy
  • Field intensity increases by 30%
  • Diode laser power max 5600mW
  • Frequency up to 3000Hz 
  • Intensity up to 5 Tesla
  • Unique integrated applicator
  • Flexible holding arm

Optimal Health with Physio Magneto Plus Laser Therapy

The PMST NEO + opens up new possibilities in regeneration and rehabilitation. The areas of application include diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joints pain, sports injuries, muscle strain, fracture healing, etc. PMST differs from general forms of magnetic field therapy or PEMF due to the high oscillation frequency, this property enables a high penetration depth and a large range of indications.

100% Safe, Painless and Effective Treatment

Security and stability of home laser as well as the exact effect of medical laser.  The treatment process is painless and harmless, non-invasive, no trauma, 100% safe.  Laser therapy delivers non-thermal (non-heat) photons of light to the body to help heal injured cells.

808nm/650nm Cold Diode Laser Therapy 

A perfect combination of medical laser 808nm and home laser 650nm will have better curative effect for body pain relief. This therapeutic laser is the best for the treatment of humans and animals. It delivers proven results for pain relief, inflammation, soft tissue, and skin injury therapy. Natural healing, non-invasive, no side effects and no cross infection.

Physio Magneto Plus Laser Therapy

Most Common Indications:

Impingement syndrome

Chronic pain

Nerve regeneration

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Sports injuries

Groin strain

Fracture healing

Degenerative joint diseases


PMST NEO+: Integrated Applicator for Better Treatment Outcomes

The PMST NEO+ features unique applicator design. The ring type electromagnetic coil applicator connects with LASER applicator by the specially designed connector. It is the only one of its kind in world physiotherapy field and can transduce magnetic pulse deep into body tissue. At the same time, Diode Laser focused on the same treatment area.  The two technologies perfectly combine together for better therapeutic effects.

  • Pain free physiotherapy
  • High intensity magnetic field strength
  • Comfortable and no need to undress
  • Hands free work with help of holding arm
  • Combine with diode laser therapy
  • Highly effective water-cooling system

Benefits for the Patient

  • Pain Relief:

    This therapy combines the power of magnetism, super transduction and laser treatment to effectively manage chronic pain.

  • Faster Recovery:

    It accelerates natural healing, reducing recovery times after injuries, with 3000Hz oscillation frequency and diode laser power of 5600mW.
  • Improved Circulation:

    This treatment enhances blood circulation, which not only helps with pain relief but also promotes overall cardiovascular health, reducing the risk of vascular diseases.
  • Inflammation Reduction:

    Patients experiencing inflammation-related conditions benefit from PMST NEO+ to get relief from symptoms and improve overall comfort.
  • Enhanced Mobility:

    For individuals with limited mobility due to joint issues or stiffness, this therapy can increase range of motion and flexibility, enabling a more active and fulfilling lifestyle.
  • Reduced Medication Dependency:

    A safe alternative to surgery or medication.
  • Complementary to Other Therapies:

    Physio Magneto Super Transduction Plus Laser Therapy can complement other medical treatments, offering a holistic approach to healthcare and recovery.

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PMST VET: Magneto Therapy Device for Vet Pain Relief

  • Magneto plus Infrared Therapy work together or separately
  • Near infrared 940nm/660nm/620nm 
  • 4 Tesla high intensity magnetic field
  • Water cooling system for 8 hours’ continuous work
  • 8-inch touch screen, protocols with preset parameters
  • Push-pull design, easy to carry


Field Strength at The Coil 5T 4T 4T 4T
Field Strength at 4cm Distance 0.4T / 0.4T 0.4T
Performance of The Field 92T/S 92T/S 92T/S 92T/S
Water Cooling System Water 2.5L Water 2.5L Water 2.5L Water 2.5L
Screen 10.4 inch touch screen 8.0 inch touch screen 10.4 inch touch screen 10.4 inch touch screen
Therapeutic Method Magneto Therapy +Laser Therapy Magneto Therapy +NIRS Therapy Magneto Therapy Magneto Therapy +NIRS Therapy
Diode Cold Laser Wavelength 808nm+650nm 940nm+660nm+ 620nm / 940nm+640nm+ 620nm
Oscillation Frequency - ST Mode 1000-3000Hz 1000-3000Hz 1000-3000Hz 1000-3000Hz
Oscillation Frequency - MT Mode 1-100Hz 1-100Hz / 1-100Hz
Gross Weight 44KG 67KG 40KG 44KG

PMST VET therapy for the most common equine diseases:

Degenerative Joint Disease

Equine Arthritis







Wobblers Syndrome

Locked Stifle Joints


Capped Hocks

PMST VET therapy

Benefits of Equine PEMF Therapy

Benefits of Equine PEMF Therapy

Faster recovery times

Pain reduction

Injury prevention

Improved performance

940nm/660nm/620nm Infrared Therapy Advantages

Help horses with chronic joint pain, such as arthritis.

Aid recovery from connective tissue injuries such as sprains or strains to ligaments or tendons. 

Assist wound healing after injury or surgery.

Professional and user-friendly interface

8-inch touch screen and easy to operate

8-inch touch screen and easy to operate

MT mode

MT mode: 1-100Hz for muscle contraction and stimulation

ST mode

ST mode: 1000-3000Hz for bones, tendons and ligaments

10 Horse body parts

10 Horse body parts with recommended parameters


The PMST device provides effective, portable treatment where your horse needs it without having to leave the stables. 

PMST treatment for horses can be done at the show, racetrack, or barn, right before or after their event.

No matter whether you put your horse to work at a ranch, rodeo, or racetrack, all horses can benefit from equine PMST therapy. 


The Science behind Equine PEMF Therapy

PMST VET machines work by creating a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) through the animal’s body to promote overall health and wellness. Without the use of drugs, PEMF has been shown to help reduce inflammation and pain, without causing any side effects. PEMF has deep roots in the equine industry and has worked with some of the most accomplished horses and riders. 

How magnetotherapy works

Equine PEMF Therapy has been safely utilized across Europe for more than half a century, first introduced into U.S. horse racing events and rapidly spread throughout equine life – 5 out of the 7 Kentucky Derby winners since 2005 have all received PEMF Therapy! PEMF for horses helps their equines remain at peak condition quickly after competition stressors pass, offering health and wellbeing advantages through PEMF Therapy! PEMF may just be the wave of the future!

A number of published scientific studies have revealed that Equine PEMF Therapy yields great outcomes for the treatment of neurological and physiological diseases. Equine therapists, horse owners and veterinarians all possess years of practical experience using PEMF therapy on horses as part of treatment for multiple conditions or performance enhancement. It can even benefit dogs, cats and show horses alike! PEMF therapy can enhance performance, range of motion, speed & strength for horses. Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects help alleviate pain & inflammation as well as soothe an anxious horse before going into a competition arena. 

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Academic Papers Worth Reading

Electromagnetic Transduction Therapy for Achilles Tendinopathy: A Preliminary Report on a New Technology


Electromagnetic Transduction Therapy in Patients with Chronic Aseptic Osteitis Pubis


Mechanisms and Therapeutic Effectiveness of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy in Oncology


The Evaluation of Vasodilation and Stress Properties with the Application of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) on the Equine Distal Limb


An Economic Feasibility Analysis of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy as an Equine Therapeutic Modality



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Professional CLASS 4 high-power laser therapy machine

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Portable handheld cold laser therapy device

Veterinary use

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