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Is Class IV Laser Therapy the Answer for Pain Relief?

For many people suffering from chronic and acute pain, finding relief can be a challenge. Traditional treatment options such as medication and surgery may come with side effects or risks, leaving patients searching for alternatives. In recent years, Class IV laser therapy has emerged as a non-invasive, effective option for pain relief.

Class IV laser therapy is a type of laser therapy that uses high-intensity laser beams to penetrate deep into tissues and promote healing. The lasers produce beneficial effects such as reducing inflammation, swelling, and improving blood flow. This helps alleviate pain and promotes healing.

How Class IV Laser Therapy Can Help With Pain

Class IV Laser Therapy employs red and near-infrared light to stimulate healing and relieve pain. The laser beams penetrate deeply into the tissues, producing several advantageous effects such as:

reduced inflammation,


improved blood flow,

pain reduction.

This treatment offers a long-term solution that is non-invasive and does not rely on medication that may lead to a tolerance buildup. Instead, it supports the body’s natural healing mechanisms by making joints more flexible and decreasing inflammation and swelling. Some benefits can be felt immediately, while others are experienced over time, particularly for those who engage in gentle exercise following the treatment. The improved blood flow helps keep swelling low and keeps the joints mobile.

Conditions That Benefit from HIL Therapy

HIL therapy is a beneficial treatment option for soft tissue sports injuries like muscle strains, as well as relieving pain associated with joint distortion or displacement. Patients experiencing back pain due to cervical vertebrae disorders and herniated discs may also find this therapy helpful. Laser treatment can alleviate low back pain and other conditions such as degenerative arthritis of the knee, hip, or shoulder, and trigger point pain.

Typically, patients undergo three to fifteen treatments to relieve their symptoms, with two to five sessions per week. For acute pain, the frequency may decrease after the first week of treatment. Conversely, if the laser therapy sessions are for chronic pain caused by arthritis or disc herniation, the frequency may remain consistent for several weeks.

What to Expect During HIL Therapy

During a laser therapy session, patients can receive either pulsed or continuous laser treatment based on their requirements. Pulsed treatment is ideal for reducing swelling and acting as an anti-inflammatory solution to alleviate pain. In acute injuries like sprains, its micro-circulation effects speed up the healing process. For pain relief, the technician applies a spiral application of the laser beam’s energy.

Continuous laser beam penetration promotes bio-stimulation, recovery, and healing. During treatment, patients must wear safety glasses to avoid accidental exposure of the laser beams to their eyes. The laser beam generates warmth, which is essential for pain relief. During continuous therapy, the technician uses a scanning motion with the laser beam. Although the laser operates quietly, it makes a soft humming or clicking sound.

Why Smart Ice Laser Therapy System Is the Milestone for Pain Relief

Smart Ice Laser Therapy System is a revolutionary treatment method that utilizes non-invasive, safe, and effective light to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, promote wound healing, and repair soft tissue. It is a class IV high-energy physical laser therapy equipment with 30W peak power output that provides deeper penetration for more efficient therapy. The system offers two modes: CW/pulse dual-mode equipment, making laser therapy more intelligent and adaptable to different treatment needs. The two wavelength options (810nm/980nm) provide deeper penetration, making laser therapy more efficient and significant.

The Smart Ice Laser Therapy System is designed to be user-friendly, with a large 12-inch touch screen interface for easy operation. Its quick start feature allows for fast treatment, and the preset protocols make it easy to apply. The system also has different working modes for optimal output adjustment, and dual/four-wavelength available in one machine for customization. Intelligent cloud storage systems are available for customer treatment records, and there is an optional function of thermal imaging.

The clinical advantages of the Smart Ice Laser Therapy System are numerous. It has a wide range of clinical indications and remarkable curative effects, making it well recognized by therapists and doctors. Laser physiotherapy devices are mainly used in muscle and tendon diseases, various edema and inflammation, neurological rehabilitation, acute injury, chronic muscle strain, and arthropathy. For those suffering from plantar fasciitis, the Smart Ice Laser Therapy System is an excellent solution that provides immediate pain relief, with patients feeling the effect immediately after treatment.

The Smart Ice Laser Therapy System is also safe, reliable, and pain-free, making it an ideal treatment option for patients who may be hesitant to use traditional methods. There is no skin damage when irradiating on the body surface, and there is no need for internal medicine. Those who receive treatment will not feel any pain but will feel comfortable and relaxed.

In conclusion, the Smart Ice Laser Therapy System is a milestone in laser therapy systems on the market. Its high-power output, intelligent features, and clinical advantages make it an ideal solution for immediate pain relief. It is safe and reliable, and offers effective treatment with zero reported side effects.


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