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Boost Cash Income and Expand Your Patient Base with SMART ICE and PowerCure PRO

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Smart Ice + PowerCure Pro:
The Profit-driven Solution for Clinics

Increased Revenue

By bundling SMART ICE and PowerCure PRO, you tap into new income potential from both device sales and ongoing therapy sessions.

Enhanced Satisfaction

This dynamic duo merges precision therapy with user-friendly convenience, delivering superior outcomes and contributing to higher satisfaction.

Consolidated Healing

PowerCure Pro complements the professional-grade therapy of SMART ICE, providing a continuous and convenient at-home solution.

Faster Treatment Times

High-powered Smart Ice and cold laser PowerCure Pro complement each other, working together to help patients recover more quickly.

Wider Coverage of Indications

Smart Ice and PowerCure Pro interact synergistically to treat a broader range of diseases.

Practice Owners Can Increase Revenue Streams
through SMART Physiotherapy Systems

An increasing number of practice owners are embracing SMART Physiotherapy Systems to treat their patients, not only boosting their revenue but also elevating patient satisfaction levels. These advanced systems are revolutionizing healthcare, offering a seamless blend of technology and expertise to provide more effective and patient-centric care. As a result, practices are witnessing improved financial outcomes and a growing base of happy and contented patients, marking a transformative shift in the healthcare landscape.

Improve Patient Outcomes with SMART Physiotherapy Systems

SMART Physiotherapy Systems such as SMART ICE and PowerCure PRO provide practices with unique advantages and contribute to enhancing patient results.

Improve Patient Outcomes with SMART Physiotherapy Systems

SMART ICE adopts state-of-the-art laser technology to penetrate deep tissue with 60W output power, delivering immediate pain-relieving results and reducing inflammation. It utilizes four wavelengths available in one machine for wide indications and thermal imaging for locating lesions precisely. Expert treatment protocols ensure quick and easy application. SMART ICE marks a milestone of Class 4 laser therapy.

Besides, PowerCure Pro cold laser serves as a flagship solution for the at-home healing laser industry. It utilizes two wavelengths (808nm and 650nm) proven effective in accelerating the body’s natural healing processes to help patients reduce pain at home.

Improve Patient Outcomes with SMART Physiotherapy Systems
patient satisfaction up to 98%

PowerCure Pro can achieve 20% faster treatment times with 1300mW high power output to deliver the maximum clinical outcomes. In the meanwhile, chiropractors who suggest PowerCure Pro to their patients during therapy sessions have the potential to increase their yearly earnings by around 30% and enhance patient satisfaction up to 98%.

Recent Testimonials


“Our practice consistently sells at least 10 Smart Ice and 20 PowerCure Pro devices every month. Within two years of introducing them, our profits tripled. What impressed me most was a patient who had been suffering from swollen legs for eighteen years. After receiving Smart Ice treatments at our practice and purchasing a PowerCure Pro home device, the treatment results were solidified. After several sessions, the patient experienced a remarkable 90% reduction in pain. In fact, the patient was so grateful for the relief that he even visited our practice in person and wrote us a heartfelt thank-you letter.”

– William Anderson, USA,

Head of Health Harmony Wellness Center


“Smart Ice and PowerCure Pro doubled our revenue. In the first year after acquiring these two laser devices, we increased our cash-based revenue by $100,000. In 2022, we surpassed that, generating $220,000 in cash-based revenue. SMART Physiotherapy Systems have not only led to increased foot traffic through our clinic doors but has also sparked word-of-mouth referrals, with satisfied patients sharing their success stories within their communities and on social media platforms. As a result, our reputation in the healthcare field has continued to grow, making SMART Physiotherapy Systems an indispensable part of our practice’s success.”

– Robert Mitchell, Germany,

HealthCare Solutions Clinic

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