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Class IV Laser Therapy for Cats

At Rhein Laser, we continually seek out innovative ways to care for your feline companion. With advancements in both medicine and technology, we strive to remain at the forefront of providing superior medical and surgical care. Our company takes great pride in offering Class IV laser therapy for cats.

What is Class IV Laser Therapy for Cats?

Veterinary laser therapy is a non-invasive, safe and effective treatment option that eliminates the need for medications or surgery and can be used to treat a range of conditions. Class IV Laser Therapy for cats involves using a high-powered laser to initiate a series of biological reactions. This process helps to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation by releasing endorphins and accelerates the healing process of injured cells. As your cat heals at a faster pace, it begins to feel better quickly. Nowadays, a growing number of veterinarians is starting to incorporate Class IV Laser Therapy into their treatment plans.

How Do Lasers Provide Pain Relief for Cats?

Class IV Laser treatments can relieve pain for cats through three distinct mechanisms. Firstly, Class IV Therapeutic Lasers can reduce inflammation by opening up blood vessels (vasodilation) and activating the lymphatic drainage system, which helps to drain swollen areas. Accordingly, any swelling triggered by bruising or inflammation is reduced, providing relief from pain. Secondly, through stimulating nerve cells that inhibit pain signals from reaching the brain. Thirdly, by stimulating the production of high levels of endorphins – pain-killing compounds that help cats to reduce discomfort.

What Types of Conditions Can Cat Laser Therapy Be Used to Treat?

Soft tissue injuries
Dental issues
Skin conditions
Back pain
Acute and chronic ear infections
Degenerative Joint Disease
Post-surgical recovery
Ulcerations and open wounds

Is Class 4 Laser Therapy Safe for Cats?

Class IV Laser therapy for cats is completely painless and provides a comforting experience. During the administration of the laser, your cat might feel a mild and pleasant warmth, slight tingling sensation, or no feeling at all. For most cats, the therapy session is relaxing, and it helps to reduce any anxiety and tension that they may have been experiencing due to areas of pain or inflammation in their body. Some cats even fall asleep during their therapy sessions on rare occasions.

How Long Does a Class 4 Laser Therapy Session for Cats Last?

The time taken for treatment depends upon the nature and severity of a condition or issue. We typically employ Class IV laser therapy postoperatively on incisions to help alleviate discomfort while speeding healing time; usually one treatment session suffices. Class IV laser therapy treatments may also help treat ulcerations or infection wounds; for more chronic or severe pain we will often recommend a series of sessions over time. For chronic neck pain, we may suggest 5 treatments over time; chronic arthritis conditions may need ongoing treatments as well. If your cat responds well to laser therapy treatments, monthly sessions might keep the pain at bay; laser treatments for cats provide cumulative improvement as each additional session facilitates greater improvement for them.

Are There Any Side Effects of Class IV Laser Therapy for Cats?

Class IV Laser therapy for cats has no known adverse side effects and is widely respected throughout the veterinary industry as safe and effective treatment option.


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