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Smart Physiotherapy Systems: One-Stop Solution for Pain Patients

SMART class 4 laser

High-energy laser therapy equipment occupying leading US market shares for long-term

With 30W peak power, it adopts a high-power laser with 810/980nm light waves, which is at “golden band” for human body and boasts fast and effective analgesic effect.

Smart device management

It employs intelligent and easy-to-operate software with 10 professional preset protocols to cover all pain parts, which achieves a convenient and quick treatment.

Replaceable Treatment Head Design

The new handle is designed to be more ergonomic, and the swivel nut treatment head can ensure safety during treatment since it will not be easily disconnected. Besides, the treatment head can be replaced conveniently.

Longer Service Life

Its service life is over 10,000 hours. According to feedbacks from our clinic users, it can serve for more than five years.


As a leader in the laser physiotherapy industry, the newly-developed SMART LASER THERAPY SYSTEM is smarter and more efficient than ordinary laser physiotherapy devices. The treatment energy fully covers the treatment area, providing patients with non-invasive and painless laser treatment.

  • 30W high power therapy
  • 15-25min rapid treatment
  • 10 preset protocols, covering multiple parts of the body
  • Two modes-Pulse/CW mode
  • Dual wavelengths- 810nm/980nm
  • High-definition intelligent touch screen
  • Concentrated energy, accurate treatment
  • 10000 hours super long service life
  • 10-30W therapeutic power
  • Comprehensive 2-year warranty


Our brand-new SMART LASER THERAPY SYSTEM provides intelligent operation and stable quality, thus bringing rapid and significant therapeutic effect for various indications. Its user-friendly operation is well recognized by therapists and doctors.

  • Preset protocols. A treatment plan can be selected according to the treatment area, which offers users intelligent guide and convenient operation.
  • Precise treatment with multiple treatment heads. Corresponding treatment head can be selected for different body parts, which provides patients the most suitable treatment guidance.
  • Three sizes of multi-purpose treatment heads,easy to disassemble and replace.
  • The 810/980nm dual-wavelength technology complements each other, quickly serving deeper tissues and relieving pain to meet the needs of patients.
  • Advanced materials ensure super long service life.

Innovative NON-INVASIVE pain management technology

With non-invasive pain management technology, SMART LASER THERAPY SYSTEM provides innovative high-power laser therapy and better treatment applications for athletes, chronic patients and sub-healthy people.


Based on the situation of the clinic patients, such as the state of an illness, symptoms and body type, the most suitable solution is provided.

One-time Effect

One treatment can bring obvious effect. Each treatment takes 15-20 minutes, and it can provide effective treatment every time.


The device can be widely applied to different indications, including sports injuries, sciatic nerve pain, bone hyperplasia, muscle pain and soft tissue injuries.

Product specification

Max Power 20W 30W 30W
Wavelength 980nm 980nm 810nm+980nm
Laser Type GaAlAs Diode Laser
Spot Size Φ9mm&Φ10mm&Φ20mm
Working Mode CW /Pulse
Cooling Method Air-cooling
Power Supply AC 100~240V,50/60Hz
Input Power 300W
Dimension 380mm*280mm*186mm
Weight 15kg
Lifetime 10000 hours, can be used for more than 5 years

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Why Choose Smart?

Rhein Laser has more than ten years of R&D and production experience in the field of laser science and professional physical therapy. SMART LASER THERAPY SYSTEM is a high-energy laser therapy equipment occupying leading US market shares for long-term. As a leader in the laser therapy industry, it has reached cooperation with many world-renowned brands. Its products are widely used in the fields of scientific research, physical therapy rehabilitation and sports rehabilitation.



We stick with one thing and do our best, that’s our motto. We keep our promises no matter what happens. Good customer feedback and satisfaction help us improve our services and products. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.



We have the resources to manufacture large quantities of standard series products in a short period of time. Our mass production line assures both, quality and quantity. We provide prompt delivery of products as per agreed schedule.



We are thrilled to announce that our company boasts a team of experts in sports rehabilitation and pain management, including several renowned sports specialists. With over twenty years of experience, these professionals work closely with us to deliver high-quality services to professional athletes and sports stars alike.

Global Leader

Global Leader/ Industry Leader

Rhein Laser is a world-class laser and physical therapy company. With more than a decade’s experience in class 4 laser therapy products. Its products are sold to more than 120 countries and regions in the world, serving more than 5,000 customers. We follow strict production standards, including FDA\CE\RoHS, ISO9001 and ISO13485.

Patent research

Patent research

Rhein Laser is a laser-technology based high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, innovation, production and sales. It has obtained 192 authorized patents in the industry, including 11 invention patents and 12 software copyrights. It has been widely recognized in the global laser industry.



As we are China-based, we have the best raw material resources at our disposal. Our costs are 40% cheaper compared to manufacturers in any other country. In other words, importers often make more money by sourcing from us. Our competitive prices can open new market opportunities for our clients.

Rhein Laser’s goal is to become a world leader focusing on bio-photonics and sports anti-aging in the global health field. We have professional knowledge and rich experience. We are committed to formulating the best laser treatment plan according to the specific situation of our customers. Besides, we offer a variety of laser treatment modalities. No matter what type of treatment you need, we can meet your needs and help you recover. Choose Rhein Laser, you will get high-quality and reliable laser treatment services!

rhein laser's factory

Your Premium Partner

Rhein Laser is an enterprise focusing on the R&D and application of laser technology and it has been committed to providing customers with the top-quality laser treatment services. 

We not only provide advanced laser equipment and technical support, but also offer professional training and guidance to ensure that customers can successfully implement the treatment into practice. 

Our goal is to help customers achieve better treatment outcomes and give them better health experience. At the same time, we will do our best to create better benefits for our partners, develop together with you and create a bright future.

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FOUR Advantages of Working with Rhein Laser



CE certification

Industry leader

SGS, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 Verified Manufacturer

Multi cooperation with world famous brands

Professional rehabilitation physiotherapy equipment

Designed for pain relief and inflammation

Research and development

Led by doctors in laser field

A professional R&D team of over 20 people (Software, Hardware, Craft, Design, Art, Machinery)

Core team with 30 years’ experience in diode laser development and marketing

Continuous research


About 200 patent certificates

Smart user-friendly interface

Intelligent customer system saving user treatment data

Protocols covering multiple body parts

Multiple treatment heads to choose from

Thermal imaging technology for locating lesions

Multiple wavelengths available


Both OEM and ODM projects available

Manufacturer’s warranty

Global customer service

Quick response/ 7*24 online service, fast delivery

One-stop service for physiotherapy and aesthetic equipment

User guide,video training

Marketing materials

Are you ready to experience the SMART ICE LASER THERAPY SYSTEM?

Innovative and professional physiotherapy method that changes your lifestyle


Medical lasers

Professional CLASS 4 high-power laser therapy machine

Home use

Portable handheld cold laser therapy device

Veterinary use

Laser therapy machine, shockwave physical therapy, widely used in animals


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